End of line packaging verification/validation system

Do your customers demand 100% accuracy in your packaging process?

  • Looking to win new contracts, confident your packaging won’t let you down?
  • Are you driven by your customers Packaging Code of Practice?
  • Need to guarantee end of line accuracy?
  • Need a simple yet effective method of checking Barcodes, date codes and 2D codes?

You need to guarantee your packaging complies.

When your packaging process is flawless, you’re more likely to be awarded new contracts, whilst retaining existing ones. VeriBox helps you to achieve the 100% barcode and date code verification that your customer requires as part of their packaging code of practice. An ideal packaging verification system, VeriBox secures you against costly mistakes, product recalls and heavy fines.

Rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we develop our VeriBox solutions onsite, designing the solution to suit your needs. Worried about speed? With no compromise on line speeds, you can relax in the knowledge that productivity will only be enhanced, with no need to add extra process steps to your production line.

VeriBox will provide:

  • Guaranteed 100% packaging verification and validation
  • Eliminated risk of EPW (Emergency Product Withdrawal) due to packaging errors.
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Product changeover in under 30 seconds
  • High speed operation  – over 600 products per min

Our core offerings include:

VeriBox VB7

The most powerful and flexible packaging verification device available, the VB7 reads and checks every barcode on all of your products. Production stats are displayed on the VeriBox touch screen in real-time, allowing line managers to monitor performance. Vision systems used to read OCR and Best Before Dates can be linked to VeriBox if needed. With high speed operation (in excess of 30 codes per second), the VB7 is an incredibly efficient and reliable solution.

VeriBox 1000

The VB1000 is our entry level packaging verification system. As production runs can be short, VeriBox was designed to keep set up times to an absolute minimum. Able to distinguish between a ‘no-read’ and a ‘wrong-read’, VB1000 empowers you to act swiftly and appropriately. From latched error to automatic reject mechanisms, you can tailor the VB1000 to respond as you wish, saving you time and reducing your costs.

  • Veribox with Matrox Camera - Packaging Verification System
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