Inventory and Stock Management Software

  • Stock value too high?
  • Warehouse full of the wrong product?
  • Lacking process flow and systems to support your growth?
  • Stock take lasts days rather than hours?

You need to improve your stock management and inventory control with x-Stock Stock Control Software!

Without knowing exactly where your goods are or how many items are in stock, making informed business decisions can be difficult. x-Stock Stock Control Software and Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables you to gather data accurately, giving you a level of visibility that puts you firmly in control of your finances.

From the moment goods are received to the moment they fall into the hands of your customer, our WMS will track their exact status.

Why choose x-Stock?


Sometimes flexibility can hinder: a bendy ruler for example, is never going to measure up to the real thing. In the case of x-Stock Stock Control System, flexibility is far superior to any rigid software. Rather than compromising with an off the shelf  solution, trying to fit your process flow around someone’s “ideal solution” we listen to your needs and develop our core product especially for you. We don’t expect you to change your well honed processes to suit x-Stock so we mould our stock management software to fit your requirements. You can choose between running the x-Stock in batch mode, over a wireless network or even from a virtual server. The entire system is scalable so it can grow with you or, if you are going through a consolidation period, re-configure to suit.


No-one wants to invest in a new system and then lack the training to draw out its potential. We will provide guidance and advice from initial stages of set-up, right the way through to training your key personnel with ongoing support. We provide monthly support contracts that won’t break the bank but they will be there for you as and when you need them most.


Life would be far less colourful without choice. We have no ties with specific hardware manufacturers which means you can trust us to advise you on the best products to suit you. With our 16 years’ experience, we will help you identify the right manufacturer and mobile computer to boost your performance.

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