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H&J Speake Case Study

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x-Stock improves H & J Speake
business processes

Learn how our x-Stock Inventory Management and Stock Control Software solution was the right fit for H&J Speake.

H&J Speake have been customers of Cross-Check Systems since 2011. They manufacture and supply Zinc and Aluminium pressure die casting components. With over 50 years experience in both Zinc and Aluminium pressure die casting, they are committed to providing products and services to the highest standards. They supply a number of industries across a global market which include automotive, window, door and conservatory hardware, construction, leisure, security and electronics, offering a bespoke service for customers and their individual requirements.

They were looking for a bespoke stock control system that improved their business processes and would work for them not them have to work around a potential solution.

Luke Speake, Commercial Manager at H&J Speake said:

“We needed a bespoke solution, which fitted in with our day to day business. We did not want to change our processes to suit our software, we wanted our software to fit our processes.”

The Solution

Paul Mason, Managing Director at Cross-Check Systems consulted with H&J Speake as to their requirements and what would best work for them in their bespoke manufacturing environment. Paul understood their needs and requirements and designed and implemented the stock control software that delivered everything they required. In fact, the solution not only provided H & J Speake with their requirements but also complied with their main customers exacting delivery requirements.

One key feature of the stock control software is the Bill of Material (BOM) module which allows uses to stock components, sub-assemblies, final assemblies and finished kits. It allows users to work backwards from a customer order to identify what’s required to fulfil it. The x-Stock software identifies what components and assemblies are required for each order and then provides reports listing stock that’s required and any shortages, right down to component level.

H&J Speake chose Cross-Check Systems as we understood their requirement that the solution was to work around their processes and not the other way around.

Luke continued:

 “As we expanded, we needed a solution to manage all our stock control and order processing, which was easy to use for all levels of staff; Cross-Check did just that. Now we can manage a large number of SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit) with ease and have full traceability on our orders.”

With Cross-Check’s bespoke solution, H&J Speake were able to manage inventory, locate what components/ orders had been dispatched and where to as well as improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness of stock control and distribution.

The Personal Touch

Cross-Check is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and support of our clients and their businesses. Having direct one to one contact with someone who understands your business, how the solution was designed and delivered ensures our clients are not having to explain what they have and how it works, but they speak with the key person who knows their solution inside and out.

Luke Speake spoke of his experience with Cross-Check when he had an issue post installation:

“Excellent service. Recently I had a computer fail and needed support with re-installing the software. Cross-Check worked through the weekend to get this done, meaning zero down time to us.”

When asked recently if H&J Speake would recommend Cross-Check Systems to other businesses Luke responded with “I would, and I have”.

Software Solution used on this project

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