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Stock Control Systems – 5 things to consider

When you develop a stock control system for a client you build up a great picture of what most organisations are looking to gain from implementing a stock control system. In our latest insight blog, we brewed some coffee, sat down and asked our team what organisations should be considering.

From the meeting came some great insights. Here is a list of what we came up with…

Make it scalable

We have worked with start-ups and established businesses. Regardless of the size of the business, we recommend that your stock control system is scalable. It should be able to grow with you.

In the future your business could expand the number of locations and warehouses. As a result, your stock software needs to accommodate this. It will also bring challenges around users and how they use the system at these locations.

A good stock control software should not restrict you when your business increases or decreases in size.

Flexibility is key

Processes in an organisation over time do change, information on stock changes also. A stock control system should be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. Within the software you need to be able to make changes as and when you need them, so your business continues to run smoothly.

It’s impossible to predict when these changes will be required. Our team recently built a stock take module for a utility services company. As as result this enabled our client to complete an internal stock audit.

Go mobile

Stock management has gone mobile. With the emergence of several mobile platforms customers now demand mobile-ready stock control software.

This is now the standard. To be restricted to a computer and scanner isn’t ideal. Hand-held devices are commonplace in most warehouses around the world.

Being mobile-ready allows staff to pick, move and put away stock with ease. This is done in real-time which reduces the chance of error and keeps stock levels accurate.

We recommend considering a stock control system that is mobile-ready and will work on common mobile handheld scanners.

Make it manageable

Clients that switch from an off the shelf solution to a bespoke solution get the benefits of a more manageable stock control software. When you purchase an “off the shelf solution” there are several features that you don’t need and will likely never use.

Taking on a purpose-built solution is often cheaper and easier to manage. Here at Cross-Check Systems we only include in our Stock management system what functions you need. Therefore, when working with us we take the time to understand how you do things and tailor the system to you. This makes it more manageable.

Integration brings benefits

Software for stock management should integrate with other systems within your business. Typically, many integrate with CRM, ERP and eCommerce systems.

Our development team recommend you think about which systems you need to integrate with and what information needs to be shared between them.

Recently our team completed a project to integrate stock control with a leading eCommerce platform. This enabled stock and online orders to update in real-time and this led to quicker customer order fulfilment.

Integration brings efficiency benefits to business if it is done well.

We hope you find these tips useful if your considering stock control for your business. To contact us for a coffee or more information complete the form below.