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Packaging validation required? Find a solution that ticks all the boxes.

There is a lot to think about when you manufacture large quantities of products. In the production process you need to check the packaging is correct and has the correct barcode. You also need to verify the date codes.

Failure to do this can lead to unhappy customers, damage to your brand, large costs to recover products, fines and EPW (Emergency Product Withdrawal).

To avoid this happening, Cross-Check Systems have a solution that integrates with all production environments.

Would you benefit from a packaging validation/verification solution? Simply answer the questions below to find out.

Do you currently supply to any of the Big 5 supermarkets?YESNO
Have you ever supplied a product in the WRONG packaging?YES NO
Have you ever supplied a product with the WRONG or MISSING date code? YESNO
Would you like to protect your profits from fines caused by emergency product withdrawals? YESNO
Would you like to protect your profits from fines caused by emergency product withdrawals? YES NO

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may want to consider our solution. Our VeriBOX packaging validation solution can provide 100% verification of your product packaging.

Packing Validation with Veribox
Example VeriBOX Software Screen. Providing 100% barcode validation on a production line.

VeriBOX has been installed over 200 times in various production sites across the UK. From food production facilities to cleaning product manufacturers.

VeriBOX is flexible to fit into all production environments and ticks all the required boxes when it comes to packaging validation. Watch the video below as Paul Mason takes you through a VeriBOX demo.

Get the support you need right now

To discuss how you can implement a packaging validation / verification solution to safeguard you and your business from an EPW call us now and speak to one of our experts. Also download our VeriBOX datasheet which has some useful information.

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