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Software Datasheets

Are you considering a Cross-Check software solution for your business?
To help you, our team have put together some handy software datasheets.

About our Software Datasheets

Our datasheets summarise the benefits of our software. Therefore allowing you to build a greater understanding of how our software can work for your business.

Each datasheet (in PDF format) contains:

  • An overview of the software
  • System requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • Support details.

We created these so you have all the information ready to hand when you need it. However if you do have any queries please get in touch.

Use the links below to access each datasheet.


Inventory Control and Stock Management

Inventory Management and Stock Control Software that helps you track, manage and monitor stock locations from the moment they enter your warehouse through to the moment they fall into the hands of your customer.

View Datasheet

x-Stock Software Datasheet


Asset Tracking and Management

Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using RFID.  x-Track Asset Tracking Management software allows you to manage and track your organisations assets.

View Datasheet

x-Track Software Datasheet


End of line Product Verification and Validation System

Our simple yet effective system to check barcodes, date codes and 2D code.  VeriBOX can be installed in any production environment that requires packaging verification/validation. VeriBOX ensures that all verifications take place and most importantly, alerts you to any issues so action can be taken.

View Datasheet

VeriBox Datasheet


Proof of Delivery and Route Accounting

x-POD is a wireless Proof of delivery software with real-time data capture, tracking every part of the process from dispatch to delivery. Keeping your information up to date and accurate is essential for staying on top of your deliveries. Therefore, having an automated system in place does away with the failings of a manual, paper-based one. x-POD overcomes these failings.

View Datasheet

x-POD Software Datasheet

Need more advice?

Our team is always on hand to give advice and guidance on the software that we develop. Our experience means we will select the software that best fits your business and will therefore delivers results. Call us today on 01789 761340 or contact us.