Your customers expect 100% accuracy. With Veribox you can deliver with confidence.

How does Veribox work?

Veribox is a highly intelligent yet effective system to check barcodes, date codes and 2D codes, that will allow you to optimise packaging, reduce waste and eliminate errors.

Your customers deserve peace of mind that your products strictly adhere to their packaging code of practice. Neither your customer or you want the cost or inconvenience of mistakes which lead to product recalls and heavy fines.

Our packaging verification system has been designed to achieve 100% barcode and date code verification that your customers expect as part of their packaging code of practice.

The Veribox will provide:

  • Guaranteed 100% packaging verification and validation
  • Eliminated risk of EPW (Emergency Product Withdrawal) due to packaging errors.
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Product changeover in under 30 seconds
  • High speed operation – over 600 products per min

A solution tailored to you

Working with Cross-Check Systems, you know you will receive a packaging verification system designed to meet your needs. We develop your Veri box solution onsite.

Optimise packaging. Reduce Waste. Eliminate errors.

Choosing the Veribox  will enhance your productivity with no compromise of line speeds and no need for additional process steps.

Packaging Verification system- The hardware

Veribox VB7

Powerful, yet flexible. The VB7
  • Reads and checks every barcode on your production line.
  • Production Stats are displayed on the VB7 touch screen in real time
  • Link VB7 and Vision systems that read OCR and Best Before Dates
  • High speed operation (in excess of 30 codes per second)
  • Distinguish between ‘no-read’ and ‘wrong-read’
  • Communicate with process machines such as labellers, date coders and flow wrappers

On-going Support

At Cross-Check, we work closely with our clients from day one to ensure the system is set up effectively and provide training to your key personnel.

And our support doesn’t stop once your system is up and running. With our  Pin- Point Aftercare Support service, we can tailor the support contract to suit your specific needs, offering complete peace of mind. To find out more about our  Pin- Point service,  visit our support page here .

To discuss how Veribox   can help in your business or to book a FREE Demo, contact us on  or call us on  01386 210 180. We look forward to hearing from you.

Veribox  is a registered trademark of Cross-Check Systems Ltd.