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Proof of delivery software system

  • Are your customers demanding proof of delivery?
  • Do you need full journey traceability with driver tracking?
  • Do you have signature evidence you can rely on when deliveries are questioned?
  • Product sales from vehicle?

You need to track and record every movement.

Paper copies showing proof of delivery and manual entries into the system result in an inflexible, inefficient system at best.

Enter x-POD

x-POD is a wireless Proof of delivery software with real-time data capture, tracking every part of the process from dispatch to delivery. Keeping your information up to date and accurate is essential for staying on top of your deliveries. In addition, having an automated system in place does away with the failings of a manual, paper-based one. x-POD overcomes these failings.

Digital signage capture

Providing safe and accurate recording of proof of receipt, x-POD’s digital signage capture can be uploaded remotely to your database or web-server for immediate retrieval.

Fleet tracking

As well as providing updates live and on the move, x-POD can work on all Windows-based mobile computers. Cross-Check provides hand-held terminals equipped with GPS, allowing you to track your fleet at all times, making it easy to allocate tasks on the go. We can even link your application to Satnav software running on the mobile device.

Proof of delivery is an essential part of the delivery process. Whatever your needs, Cross-Check can provide you with everything you need to implement an efficient and reliable POD system to suit your business.

If you would like to know more, please email us at or call us on 01789 761 340. We look forward to hearing from you.

And finally… if you already have one of our products, check out Pin-Point aftercare and support solutions for all our software applications.

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