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Get full visibility of your stock from desktop & mobile


Visibility of your stock puts you firmly in control of your finances.


Full Visibility

Allow your staff to have full visibility of stock within your business and enable them to managed it from day one.

Reduce costs

Take away the need for manual action, remove the chance of errors and costly mistakes.

If you manage warehouse stock, it’s your business bloodline.

Ensure you aren’t losing sales due to out of stock items or products in the wrong location. With a bespoke inventory management solution from Cross-Check, track, manage and monitor stock from warehouse to customer.

Working closely with many small, medium and large businesses over the years, we’ve recognised the same key areas for where lack of stock control could be holding a business’s growth back:

  • Stock value is too high
  • Managing a warehouse full of slow moving products
  • Running out of popular stock
  • It takes days to complete Stock Take
  • Lost sales due to ‘Out of Stock’ items
  • Stock in the wrong locations

Do any of these sound familiar?


What can x-Stock do?

Our stock control software and warehouse management system (WMS) helps you track, manage and monitor stock locations from the moment they enter your warehouse through to the moment they land in the hands of your customer.

x-Stock: a tailored system

Finding a stock management system that suits your needs can be a minefield. Frequently choosing an ‘off the shelf solution’ can result in your having to fit your process flow around the system which can cost your business valuable time and resources.

Here at Cross-Check Systems, we mould our stock management system to your processes. Therefore, when working with us we take the time to understand how you do things and tailor the system to you.

You can choose between running the x-Stock in batch mode, over a wireless network or even from a virtual server. The entire system is scalable so it can grow with you or, if you are going through a consolidation period, re-configure to suit.

Choice of hardware

Having over 16 years of experience working with a range of mobile computer and barcode readers. With this in mind, it was important to us not to be tied to any specific hardware manufactures. This independence means we can offer you the best hardware to suit your budget and needs.

On-going support

When choosing x-Stock as your warehouse management system it’s because you want the best for your business and we want you to maximise the potential of this complete inventory management system. We work closely with our clients from system set-up through to training your key personnel.

Our support doesn’t stop once your system is up and running. With our Pin-Point Software Support, you will have total peace of mind, in fact, we can tailor the support contract to suit your needs. For more information on what our Pin-Point support covers, visit our software support page here.

In the mean time, if you want to discuss how x-Stock can help in your business or to book a FREE Demo, contact us on sales@cross-check.co.uk or call us on 01789 761 340.

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Stock Control Case Studies

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