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Asset Tracking & Management Software


Managing and tracking your assets is crucial in preserving your capital and couldn’t be easier utilising x-Track Asset Tracking Management software.

Some important questions to consider:

  • Do you know the value of your assets?
  • Where are your most valued company assets?
  • Can you identify areas of significant loss?
  • Are you spending days tracking your company’s assets at the end of your financial year?
  • Are your electrical items all PAT tested?
  • Fire extinguishers checked?

When your assets are on the move, they can easily get lost. Solve this with x-Track, Cross-Check’s bespoke asset tracking software, tailored to suit your company.

With x-Track, you’ll be able to identify any missing assets, produce a printed report and charge the relevant customer for the loss. If the asset is returned later on, you’ll be able to credit the customer accordingly.

Whether computers, power tools, pallets or more, ensure your assets are where they need to be at any given time.

How does x-Track work?

By simply adding a barcode or RFID tag (dependent on system requirements) to assets such as computers, power tools, pallets or roll cages, you can check if your asset has been returned or track them to a specific location.

We develop our core product into an affordable asset management solution configured exactly as you wish and designed around your process.

What kind of asset tracking is available?

Pallet/Roll Cage Tracking

With our x-Track Pallet Asset Tracking System, you’ll have real-time visibility of your pallets through RFID technology. Avoid damaged or lost pallets by embedding each with an RFID tag. Returned pallets can be inspected and the relevant customer charged if damage is discovered. Paperwork is significantly reduced because all collected information is written on the RFID tag and stored on the management software.

Power Tool Tracking

Power tools are desirable objects and are frequently lost or stolen. You might be concerned whether equipment will be returned damaged, or even at all?

Tracking your power tools with x-Track Asset Tracking Software makes your workforce accountable for their loan equipment and can be a great way to ensure they are returned in good condition & in a timely manner.

Placing a unique barcode, 2D code or an RFID asset tag on your equipment is easy, and you can even mix technologies. A quick scan will inform you of the equipment’s type, kit components, who it was issued to, the period of time the loan is valid for, and more. Your asset tracking management software will record exactly where the item is, giving you peace of mind.

Computer, Laptop & Tablet Tracking

Not all of your company’s assets are stock related. Keeping your IT equipment running is paramount to keeping your business on the move. Using direct part marking and 2D codes, you can record information such as laptop number, basic software information, and where the assets are allocated.

On-going support

At Cross-Check, we work closely with our clients from day one to ensure the system is set up effectively and provide training to your key personnel.

And our support doesn’t stop once your system is up and running. With our Pin-Point Aftercare Support service, we can tailor the support contract to suit your specific needs, offering complete peace of mind. To find out more about our Pin-Point service, visit our software support page here.

To discuss how x-Track can help in your business or to book a FREE Demo, contact us on sales@cross-check.co.uk or call us on 01789 761 340. We look forward to hearing from you.

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